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34 Blind Lane, New Silksworth
Sunderland, SR3 1AT
United Kingdom

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innovation power Head Office:
34 Blind Lane, New Silksworth
Sunderland, SR3 1AT
United Kingdom

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy Statement

innovation power primary role is the provision of temporary power for festivals and events throughout the UK and overseas. This policy statement applies to all areas of operation whether site or office based. We will work closely with our clients and suppliers with a focus of the adoption of compatible policies relating to the reduction of:

• Carbon monoxide (CO)

Transportation requirement

Environmental impact due to our operations

innovation power recognises its obligations both morally and from a business perspective, to carry out our activities in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Building on our long history of environmental awareness our aim is to continue to contribute to a sustainable future through:

Our staff – who will be continuously trained and developed in their roles to provide fulfilling employment whilst maintaining a culture, which encourages an enjoyable life-work balance.

Our clients and partners – to whom we will communicate continuously in order that we can deliver our services in a manner that exceed expectations.

Our supply chain – who we will work closely with in order to develop long term partnerships based on ethical procurement methods, where mutually beneficial relationships is our objective.

Environmental awareness – we will promote innovative solutions that minimise all forms of resource consumption, promote recycling and the use of recycled materials with a consistent goal of reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.

Our product and services – we will develop assets using sustainable, safe methods of work and continue to operate them for whilst striving to continuously improve our service for the benefit of all stakeholders.

This policy is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant to our business it is supported by specific policies:

• Quality Assurance, Environmental, Health and Safety

• Employee Training

• Employment Policies

• Transport Logistics and Planning

• Ethical Procurement

• Customer Relationship Management

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