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innovation power Head Office:
34 Blind Lane, New Silksworth
Sunderland, SR3 1AT
United Kingdom

Recycled Fuel

With the growing importance of sustainability, in addition to a number of other initiatives we are driving forward, innovation power, is investing heavily into the purchase of new equipment and the modification of existing equipment to enable us to use recycled fuels in our operations.

In response to the controversy regarding the use of Bio Fuel, we have opted to use 100% Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) or Recycled Food Oils (RFO).

The “Ben & Jerry Sundae on the Common” event on Clapham Common has been was used as a testing ground for this over the past few years where we trailed different systems and generators. Due to the size of the festival and the support of the production company, here we have been able to achieve 100% recycled fuel usage.

At the much larger Reading Festival in 2009, we achieved the use of 20% recycled fuels. In 2010 and going forward, complying with our CSR strategy, we aim to achieve a significant increase on this year on year.

To help achieve this, we have made significant financial investment into the purchase of suitable equipment, testing and engine conversions. We are currently testing the use of WVO in one of our 4 X 4 Pick Up’s with great success. Over the winter will be testing the use of WVO in our smaller site vehicles where we have invested in the purchase of diesel powered equipment to facilitate this upgrade.

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